Variant: Limits

Studio quality educational gaming for calculus

I worked on a 14-person team of artists, programmers, designers and producers to create a professional game dedicated to teaching the fundamental concepts of Calculus. My role was Technical Designer, and my main body of work was in design and prototyping. I was also the liaison between the design team and our domain expert, a professor in the Texas A&M Math Department.

My biggest takeaway from this experience was getting experience not just in design, but in communicating the same idea between vastly different groups of people. I first worked with our domain, to identify the various concepts we needed to teach and turn this into a sensible game structure. Then, I developed mechanics and levels with the rest of the other design team to fit this structure. We would prototype our ideas by creating quick and dirty scenes in Unity and iterate based on feedback from the team. We then had to identify the different resources we would need to implement our ideas, both from a 3D artist’s standpoint and from an engineer’s standpoint, and turn them into requirements for our artists and developers.

Variant: Limits Educational Trailer from Triseum on Vimeo.